Dutch or English lessons

Learning languages enriches your life. You can only get real contact with people, if you speak their language.

We teach Dutch and English language to individuals and (very) small groups. The best way to learn a language is a personal approach. Each student has his or her own level of language knowledge and learning style. Some people learn better by reading, others learn more by listening. Everybody needs exercises fine-tuned to his own prefered style of learning. That is why private lessons are the best choice.

The advantages:

  • Personal attention
  • Pleasent atmosphere
  • Learing at your own pace
  • Flexible schedule
  • Unique learning materials
  • Learn at home or at the office

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Learn Dutch as your second language from your own teacher. Everybody who wants to settle in the Netherlands has to learn Dutch. This is not only a legal obligation, it can actually be fun! You will not only learn the language, you will also learn a lot about the Dutch society. This, too, is both fun and useful: In the “inburgeringsexamen” you will be required to answer questions about the Dutch society.


Our world is turning into a “global village”. If you want to do business nowadays, you will have to deal with international contacts sooner or later. International contacts very often take place in English language. Therefore the importance of speaking English is increasing. We teach English language.

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