WordCamp Nijmegen 2018 (part 1)

On August 30th, August 31st and September 1st we had a WordCamp in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. It is an ideal opportunity for the Dutch WordPress community to meet and exchange ideas.

The WordPress community is a place where everybody can feel welcome, no matter what their gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language or favorite text editor may be.

Of course they all share one great passion: WordPress!

We have seen so many beautiful things there that I cannot fit it all into one article, so I am writing a mini series about it. This is part one.

 Contributor day

I have visited WordCamps in the past, but I had never been to the contributor day before. Now that I have, I have learned that this is something you should not miss. And nobody has to fear that they cannot deliver a useful contribution. Because, as Taco Verdonschot clearly pointed out in his opening speech: “You don’t need to be productive today. The main point is to learn how you can contribute later from home.”


Soon I was sitting at a long desk with eight other translators, all busy translating little text strings from English into Dutch. How to that, turned out to be easy to learn. There is a good user interface that helps you to get started within a few minutes.

Acht vertalers aan een lange tafel

Polyglots at work

But I do think this process could be made a lot more efficient than it works now. You only get to see the strings one at a time, without the context where they came from. And if the same text appears time and time again, there is no way to make use of a translation memory to save a lot of time. I think the people who created this user interface have not given enough thought to the way a professional translator likes to work. Maybe I should find a way to get involved in the process of working on this user interface for the translators…

Future WordCamps

When I go to WordCamps in the future, I will certainly take part in the Contributor Day again. I would advise everybody to d o that. Such a day gives you a strong sense that you are part of that great community of WordPress users! Maybe I will join a different group than the polyglots next time: it is an ideal opportunity to learn something about some of the other disciplines.


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