ATutor 2.0.3 released

ATutor 2.0.3 has been released. In this release two add-on modules have been integrated, several security enhancements have been added, and lots or little bug fixes and refinements have been made.

Existing users should upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of new security features. Elangco has of course created a Dutch Language pack for this version again, so that our customers can immediately do this.

For a detailed list of changes, visit the ATutor: Change Log. View the demo to try the new features, and download ATutor to install or upgrade.

New in this ATutor release:

  • The External Tools Module, previously available as an add-on to provide support for IMS BasicLTI, has now been integrated as a standard module. BasicLTI allows administrators and instructors to extend ATutor with external applications by simply entering the URL of a BasicLTI tool, and entering its login information. External tools can be added to content pages as learning activities. See ATutor BasicLTI Certification
  • The Assignment Dropbox module, also previously available as an add-on, has now been integrated as a standard module. This module greatly simplifies assignment submission by reducing it to a single step.
  • IMS Common Cartridge support has been updated, replacing the validation scripts with the latest versions from IMS. This corrects a variety of incompatibilities in content, improving interoperability with other systems that support the standard. Slow cartridge validation has been corrected. Cartridges now import in seconds. See ATutor Common Cartridge Certification
  • The Infusion Javascript Libraries have been upgrade to version 1.4. These libraries add accessible, highly interactive components to ATutor, such as the inline editors, the tool reorders, and the multifile uploader. This upgrade corrects a number of bugs in the multifile uploader, making it usable across a wider range of Web browsers. See for more about Infusion.
  • New Modules from this year’s Google Summer of Code: Projects included modules for integrating video conferencing (BigBlueButton), a Calendar module, a new iPad theme and updates to the smartphone themes, google apps and smartphone apps for ATutor Social, and a Google app for AChecker, among others. These will be refined further and included with future ATutor releases.
  • The Search OpenLearn module is being officially released along with ATutor 2.0.3. This module allows students and instructors to search through more than 600 free courses available at the OpenLearn site, the open content repository of the Open University in the UK. Content can be viewed online, or exported in a variety of formats. Instructors can import content directly into their ATutor courses where it can be modified or repurposed.


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