Elangco = Language + Technology

Evelien SnelElangco is a business in Language and Technology. This is, of course, an unusual combination, and that is precisely what makes it such a powerful formula!

I do Technical translation work, teach Classes in Dutch and English, build (multi-language) websites and provide technical workshops.

The combination of Language and Technology makes Elangco unique. This becomes most evident in projects where these areas of knowledge can be combined, for instance in technical translations and in building multi-language websites.

The knowledge of technology is based on my education as a M. Sc. in Electronics, followed by more than twenty years of experience in software development: specification, design, implementation, test, quality management and project management.

The knowledge of language was built up in almost twenty years of practical experience working as a translator of English and German texts into Dutch language.

The educational skills were also acquired in practice. Five years ago I started teaching classes in Dutch and English. One of my first clients wanted to build an educational website that would have to work in the languages Turkish, Dutch and English. Later I was also requested to teach workshops in building websites, application of educational software and about several topics in electronics.

Information about the most current events can be read in the Elangco-blog. For information about translations, please go to the page Translation. You can also find information about my Language classes. Contact information is to be found on the page Contact.

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